4 Bathroom Mirror Ideas For Homeowners On A Budget

People often want to re-do their entire bathrooms and remodel everything completely, without realizing that it might be a very expensive thing to do. There are a lot of things you can change in your bathroom to give that room look very different but something that you can easily change and give your bathroom a completely different look is your mirror. Bathroom mirrors are a must, you get ready every morning in front of them and even on evenings when you leave the house for parties or reunions. Whatever the case might be, your bathroom mirror is something you can boost very easily and under budget and at the same time give your bathroom a different appearance. 

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to make a change in your bathroom mirror, you could simply add some things to improve it and make it look more stylish. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can improve or fix your bathroom mirror on a budget.

1. Add A Frame

A frame always gives the space a more luxurious look to it. This might be a great way to boost your mirror look, and make it look completely different from what it looks now. A frame can be a wooden frame, a plastic one, or even a cool metal one, whatever your price range might be, find different options and colors to make it look expensive.

2. Add Lights

There is nothing more you need in your bathroom mirror than lights. These will give your mirror a great look and will help you to be able to get ready with great illumination. You can add twinkle lights, big light bulbs, or even led lights to give your mirror a completely different look. 

3. Take advantage of your corner

If your mirror is too big, you can split it in half and accommodate each side in a corner. Have the mirror on both sides which might be convenient for you, and will give you the sense of having a fuller and larger mirror. 

4. Double Mirror

Often when couples share a mirror is a bit complicated since it’s often not large enough for both or simply space isn’t working. Easily you can get two mirrors or slice your mirror in half and place above each sink an individual mirror so that both of you can share and enjoy your personal space. Not only will this give your bathroom a larger ambiance, but you will even feel like you will have more space between the sinks with two mirrors.