Guide To Your Teen’s First Car

Guide To Your Teen’s First Car

As a parent, it’s normal to feel excited and concerned about your teenager getting behind the wheel. While your teen may want a flashy or sporty vehicle as a first car, you may envision a more practical and safer option. Before investing in a new set of wheels, consider these crucial tips. Set a strict … Read more

What to Do if You Think Your Child is Taking Drugs

Drug abuse

If your child is taking drugs, there will usually be marked changes in their behavior, such as becoming sullen, quiet, or withdrawn.  However, these changes are often ones that could quite easily be dismissed as ‘normal’ teenage mood swings. This, combined with the fact that most people really don’t want to admit that their child … Read more

Samitivej Hospital’s Thalassemia and Hematology Center Review


Blood disorders are many and varied in type and in prevalence which is inconsistent around the world. Hemoglobinopathy and thalassemia are well known blood disorders with Asian countries having a greater degree of sufferance than other countries around the world. Some studies have shown that in Asian countries up to 30% of the population are … Read more

5 Benefits of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

Assisted living for seniors

Should your senior loved ones live with you or in a continuing care retirement community? It’s something many families struggle with. Often, the best and safest place for seniors, who may have ongoing health issues, is to live in an assisted facility where they have much more support than they would if living at home. … Read more

7 Parenting Hacks for Raising a Large Family

Raising a family

According to the 2019 American Community Survey, the average family size has grown from 3.20 in 2007 to 3.23 in 2019. While this means families are growing, large families are still the exception from the rule. If you have a large family, your life is filled with excitement, chaos, noise, but also joy and happiness … Read more

How To Get The Whole Family Involved in Charity

How To Get The Whole Family Involved in Charity

Getting Involved in charity is always a must, there is no reason why you shouldn’t help the less fortunate ones. Not only is it important as a person to get involved in charity, but also as a head of a family you need to involve your entire family in it. Doing it as a family … Read more