Tips for Organizing Your Store Reward Cards

Have you ever found yourself paying full price for something and realizing afterwards that you had a reward card you could’ve used on your purchase? This happens to everyone, and it is because people don’t organize or keep track or their store reward cards. Instead of taking advantage of them, people often forget that they have them, and they don’t even enjoy the benefits of using it. It is important to keep all of your personal belongings in order, this way you know exactly where they are and you even remember to use them. 

Store reward cards aren’t meant to be on the bottom of your handbag or even in some drawer in the kitchen, piled up with more items. Store reward cards are meant to be with you at all times, in case you ever were to need them at a store. There are a couple of ways you can organize them in order to find them better, and here are some tips to do so.

1. Create a Special Keychain

Having a special keychain for all store reward cards is a great way to keep track of them at all times. If you have a separate keychain for them it’s great and you can always carry it with you in your bag. Finding them won’t be a big issue as you know that they should all be in the keychain and not spread out in the bottom of your bag. Often people link the keychain to car keys or house keys, it is another great to always keep it with you and not leaving it accidentally in one bag. Having them with important keys is also a great way to always remember to use them wherever you go.

2. Keep All Of Them In Your Wallet

If having them in your keychain isn’t an option, then you could even store them in your wallet. Have a special compartment for them in your wallet and this way, whenever you are going to pay for something you can see if you have a reward card for that specific store. Having them in your wallet is always incredibly convenient, you won’t have an excuse for forgetting to use them.

3. Store Them In Your Car

Having them in your car is also a great idea, this way regardless of where you go, you can always take your reward cards from your car and not have them forgotten at home. You could keep them in your glove box compartment, or in a specific compartment, nevertheless organize yourself by always keeping them in the same place so that you don’t have to look for them all over the car.

4. Use An App

Another great option is keeping the reward cards in the palm of your hand by using an app to store them all. You can download an app that lets you input all of the reward cards that you have and keep all of your information always with you, on your phone. It is very easy to use, and vendors can even scan a code from your phone and have the reward card give you benefits or discounts.