Boost Your Garden’s Growth With Professional Fertilization Services

Professionals know how to get the results you’re looking for, so there’s no guesswork involved about what fertilizers to use and when. They also have access to high-quality products that most homeowners need help to obtain. All plants need nutrients to survive; they receive many naturally through healthy soil and water. Fertilizing your yard can supplement these natural sources.


Professionals know how much fertilizer to apply, using only high-quality products tailored to your lawn’s needs. They may also include additional lawn services like weed control or core aeration to provide a holistic approach to healthy landscaping. This gives them a competitive advantage in terms of cost, and it ensures that your lawn is treated the right way every time.

Finally, a professional lawn care service will produce better results than DIY applications. Homeowners who try to take the DIY route risk getting poor results from incorrect applications, ineffective products, or other problems that may arise. Liquid fertilizers (such as those used in subscription services) are more soluble and quickly absorbed than granular fertilizers.

They can be natural or synthetic. However, suppose the liquid fertilizer is applied incorrectly. In that case, it can run off into streets and bodies of water, where it can encourage bacteria and algae growth or be ingested by animals or children.


While DIY lawn fertilization is a great way to save money, it’s also time-consuming. It takes extra effort to figure out which products are right for your grass, and even if you get everything right, there’s no guarantee that you’ll achieve the results you want.

Regular fertilized lawns grow thicker, greener, and have fewer bald spots. They’re also more resilient to weather and pests. Hiring a professional¬†fertilization services St Louis MO, to do the job can be well worth the cost. The service provides better results, guarantees against problems like turf burn or patchy grass, and often comes with other services like mowing and weed control.

Plus, they can offer tips for getting the most out of your lawn. It can be easy to overlook the importance of regular lawn care maintenance, but a lush, healthy-looking lawn is the crowning glory of any home. 

Targeted Fertilization

All plants need a set of essential nutrients, known as macronutrients, to grow and be healthy. These nutrients are necessary for your plants to start to look healthy, with weak stems, fewer flowers, and poor color. A good fertilization service will provide specific nutrients based on your garden’s needs. This is why testing your soil before starting any fertilizing program is important. The soil test results will tell you if your nutrients are low, optimal, or even in excess.

Professional lawn fertilization services also help prevent weeds by feeding the “good” grass to crowd out unwanted plants. This can save you the time and money of removing weeds manually or using an herbicide. Lastly, lawn fertilization services increase the overall health of your yard by strengthening the roots and increasing water retention. This will make your lawn more resistant to weeds and drought conditions.


Professional lawn fertilization services know how to treat each type of grass to promote healthy, green, and dense growth. They can also identify whether the soil needs aeration or dethatching before applying fertilizer, allowing the roots to spread out more easily and avoid over-fertilizing certain yard areas.

They can create an ideal fertilization schedule based on grass type, season, weather, and growing conditions. This eliminates the guesswork of determining when to apply fertilizer for your home and saves time managing the process. Fertilization increases the vigor of grass plants, which in turn starves out weeds by blocking their access to nutrients.

This is why many lawn weed control treatments are included in lawn fertilization programs. These specialized chemicals can quickly kill unwanted plants without harming the grass, making your lawn more beautiful and desirable. This perk can even be more cost-effective than buying weed killer for your property.