5 Essential Features Every Dog Hotel Should Have

Pet-friendly hotels are a growing trend as people want to travel with their furry companions. However, there are a few things that every hotel should have to make sure it provides the best services possible. Staff members need to be able to decipher what pets need and provide them with the proper care. In addition, they should have a passion for animals and genuinely enjoy working with them.


Finding a clean dog hotel Denver is essential if you travel with your dog. This is because dogs can carry many diseases that can be spread through contact with dog feces and urine. Cleaning products should be formulated for use in pet facilities and adequately diluted. Overly concentrated disinfectants can damage the skin, eyes, and lungs.

It’s also essential to launder bedding, toys, and shared tools frequently to reduce the number of pathogens that are spread through contact with these items. Also, ensure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations before leaving them at a dog hotel. This protects your pet and others who will be staying there. It also prevents disease transmission between different dogs. A luxury dog hotel like Very Important Paws will ensure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations.


It’s important to have CCTV installed at your dog hotel to monitor the behavior of your guests. This helps to protect your reputation and provides evidence if the worst should happen, such as an incident where a dog is injured, or a staff member has been attacked. Dog hotels offer a variety of services for pets, including grooming and training.

Some even provide hydrotherapy for dogs with injuries and disabilities. This is an excellent way to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy while you’re away from home. When choosing a dog hotel, read online reviews and visit the facility in person. This will help you find a place that fits your and your pet’s needs.


A good dog hotel provides a comfortable environment that is safe and secure for pets. They also have regular feeding schedules and exercise routines for their guests. They also have high standards of hygiene and sanitation to prevent disease and infections. Some pet hotels offer specialized care for elderly pets or disabled pets.

They may even have a vet on the premises for any medical needs. When choosing a pet hotel, visiting the facility and meeting the staff before leaving your dog there for a long time is essential. This will help reduce stress for your pet and make the transition easier. Bringing your dog’s favorite food and toys is also a good idea to make them feel more comfortable during their stay.

Friendly Staff

A hotel with friendly staff will make your pet feel safe and loved even when you are not there. They can also care for your pet’s unique needs, including medication and feeding schedules. In addition, they can ensure that your pet is adequately exercised. When you call the hotel, listen to how they respond to your questions. They should be polite and friendly and provide you with a clear understanding of their pricing structure.

Most dog hotels have standard requirements that guests must meet before they can check-in. These include proof of vaccinations, veterinary records, and basic obedience training. They should also allow pet owners to bring their food, toys, and bedding. This can help them feel more comfortable and secure in a new environment.


A good dog hotel will provide several activities for their furry guests. These include playtime, off-leash walks, and a variety of toys. This is important because it helps reduce stress for your pet while you are away. A dog hotel should also have a comfortable bed for your pet. It may take some time for your pet to get used to sleeping in a different place than their home. You can help them adjust by letting them sleep in their crate or bed at home for a few weeks before their stay.