What Not To Put Down Your Drain

“Out of sight, out of mind.” It’s easy to think of drains this way when cleaning up kitchen scraps or discarding bathroom products. However, there are certain items that may seriously damage the plumbing system when sent down a drain. Not only that, but many household products pose a threat to the environment if disposed of this way. 

One example of kitchen scraps that should not go down the drain is coffee grounds. Although these small crumbs may seem innocuous, they are a typical culprit of clogged drains. Eggshells sent through the garbage disposal could cause similar plumbing problems. After being pulverized into tiny pieces, the eggshells may get stuck in sticky substances. The result is a thick obstruction that blocks the pipes and prevents waterflow.

Those sticky substances, such as grease, fats and oils, should also be on everyone’s “no drain” list. Acting as a binding agent, these substances can clog the piping and even lead to sewer overflows. Instead, it’s recommended to store them in safe containers until cooled and then toss them in the trash.

A leading example of an environmental hazard is medication. Not too long ago, it was common practice to flush unused pharmaceutical products as a way to keep them out of the wrong hands. Research has shown this was a mistake, as these chemicals have vastly polluted our water supply. Going forward, it’s important that we are all more mindful of what we wash or flush down the drain.

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Infographic created by Tunnel Vision Pipeline Services.

What Not To Put Down Your Drain