DIY Front Door Makeover: 4 Ways to Totally Transform Your Front Door

Home transformations don’t have to be super expensive or over the top renovations, they can be quite easily done by yourself. A quick home transformation that most people opt for is changing out their front door completely, this even gives your home a different look. Also some homes were built a long time ago, and for that reason they don’t have the modern factor in them, but this can easily be changed with a front door transformation.

A front door makeover doesn’t have to be tedious, there are a couple details you could add or switch that can give your home a completely different facade. Having a beautiful home entry is very important to give your home a different aspect, and even a newer look. Even the people that you invite to your home, have a tendency of judging the front door first, as this is the first look that people are shown of your house, and people can believe that it might look messy, old, or even boring. For that reason, doing a home makeover yourself, and check out these details to see how you can easily transform your front door.

1. Use Paint

Paint over your front door. Use natural and neutral colors that can last a long time, and that can go with everything in your house. Try to keep the aspect of your home similar to the look in your front door, as you don’t want it to be completely different from one another. You always want your front door to be in tone with the rest of your house. Paint over your door and even the frame around it, and give it a completely different look.

2. Add Plants

Adding details to your front door is extremely important, the attention here is on the detail. Add plants in your entrance or in your front porch, this will bring a lot of life to your entrance, and it will give your front door a makeover. Add plants right next to your door, or hang them in the ceiling of your entrance, just make sure that the environment is surrounded by nature. 

3. Add a Carpet

Adding a carpet can give your front door a different look. It will be more welcoming and it will even appear as a nicer decoration to your entrance. This gives your front door a sense of style and modern decoration, so make sure you add a nice carpet right at the entrance. 

4. Outdoor Living Room

This isn’t exactly a living room, but it is a space for your guests to wait outdoors. This is more like having furniture in your front porch where people can relax outside when waiting for you. This gives your home a more inviting look, and a more luxurious vibe on the outside.