Advantages of a Live-In Childcare Solution

Families often seek a live-in childcare solution like a nanny or au pair in the metro and other areas. This childcare provider allows for a flexible schedule to meet the family’s needs during unexpected events, like last-minute school cancellations or illnesses. Moreover, these caregivers form close, familial relationships with children, which can help facilitate positive social-emotional development. Families can find a caregiver in their community, through an agency, or online. Some live-in providers live in the family home and act like extra family members. They can be more flexible and create a close relationship with the children.

Personalized Care

The hectic pace of modern life in urban areas and surrounding metropolitan regions can be overwhelming for parents. Families often contemplate a live-in childcare solution like Go Au Pair to help manage their schedules and provide the best possible care for their children. Unlike traditional daycares, live-in childcare providers come to your home and provide customized, personalized care for your children. A live-in nanny or au pair is scheduled to work several hours a week but can easily adjust their shifts to fit your family’s unique needs. This flexibility makes covering last-minute school closings or mid-morning doctor’s appointments easy. You can also ask your nanny or au pair to stay longer to assist with household chores, take the kids to an extracurricular activity, or join you for family dinner. This scheduling flexibility is a significant advantage that keeps families returning year after year. This is particularly important for families that have two working parents.


Parents in busy cities and surrounding areas are stretched beyond what is realistically possible with their schedules. From last-minute midmorning doctor’s appointments to juggling a job, school activities for their children, and their hectic lifestyles, it can seem impossible to get everything done. Especially for families who do not have the luxury of flexible work hours, a live-in childcare solution can be the perfect way to ease the stress that comes with juggling so much. By welcoming an au pair or nanny into their home, families can schedule their care on-the-fly and make adjustments as needed. If a child is sick or there’s a sudden change in plans, the family can easily ask their caregiver to change her shift with a simple phone call. This level of flexibility is one of the main reasons many parents choose a live-in childcare solution year after year. However, it is essential to note that adjusting to living with someone new can be challenging at first, even for the most patient and flexible families.


A family with a live-in nanny or au pair can schedule their care as needed, especially when sudden situations arise. If a child gets sick or school is closed, it’s easy to arrange childcare coverage on the fly. This flexibility is one of the most popular reasons families choose a live-in childcare solution year after year. While a live-in caregiver is a huge benefit for parents, it can also present some challenges. For instance, adjusting to having a stranger in your home may take time. It’s important to communicate openly with your au pair or nanny and set expectations from the start of the relationship. You should also ensure your family has a plan if the relationship fails. This includes backup childcare options and a stipend for employee childcare. Having this support in place will help employees to navigate a new situation with confidence and ease.


In the bustle of city life, it’s not uncommon for parents to feel like they are pulled in a million directions. Many families have to work nontraditional hours or live in busy areas that don’t offer much scheduling flexibility, making it challenging to stay on top of everything, let alone find the time to pick up their children from school and head to a last-minute midmorning doctor’s appointment. A live-in childcare solution like a nanny or au pair can accommodate your schedule, providing tremendous support. They are also there to answer any questions you may have during working hours or even if you want to ask them over family dinner without needing to text or call. This level of support is one of the reasons why many families choose a live-in childcare solution year after year. This type of care is ideal for those with hectic and ever-changing schedules.

Cultural Exchange

The au pair option is famous for many families looking for a live-in childcare provider and a cultural experience. Au pairs are typically from foreign countries and can give kids a unique perspective on their culture by bringing stories, pictures, music, and recipes. Because they live with the family, au pairs can often establish a strong bond with the children and create a sense of trust more quickly than possible with a nanny living away from home. However, finding the right au pair for your family and setting clear expectations upfront is essential. Make a list of what you like to call your “non-negotiables” or things you won’t compromise on. For example, if you want an au pair who can drive and is willing to cook, it’s essential to steer clear of families only looking for au pairs who can run errands or travel. Also, list the child-rearing philosophies and house rules you are comfortable with so that the au pair knows what is expected of her from the start. It’s also essential to take the time to get to know the candidates through the interview process. During video chats, consider whether there’s a connection with the potential au pair. If you can feel that spark during the interview, it’s a good sign that you can build a strong relationship with them over their year in your family.